"FBI: Criminal Pursuit"

Episode Synopsis:

Season 3, "Pierced Heart" - Investigation Discovery Channel

When the body of loving father and husband Andie Gasper (Gabriel Voss) is discovered behind a shopping center, local police fight to find his killer and bring justice to his family. But one trial ends in acquittal, and the case goes unsolved for 15 years. Did the murderer slip through their hands? The FBI wants answers… and uncovers a twisted tale of sex, greed and broken promises.

PREMIERING: May 9th, 10pm Article available here.

FBI Criminal Pursuit Pierced Heart - Gabriel Voss

Director: Jean Guy Bureau

Cast: Gabriel Voss, Kyle Cryer, Morgan Cryer, Scott Rollins, Jonathon Ruckman and Jaclyn Vames.

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FBI: Criminal Pursuit